"New Jersey producer / singer / songwriter / guitarist C.J. Davis and his project Harrowgrove popped on my radar this spring ahead of a random gig at The Fire. The track that caught my ear was “.12,” a pulsing rocker with a nervy Nine Inch Nails undercurrent to it, but by the time his LP Holy Broken Free Spirit dropped in September, Davis’ sound had transformed like a dozen times over. In addition to that initial alt-industrial tension, we also notice the sleek charisma of Drake – not talking “Hotline Bling” Drake here, more like the moody Drake of “6 God” and “Know Yourself.” But amid that hard-hittingness, it’s clear Davis has a predilection for sophisticated, forward-thinking pop that puts Harrowgrove squarely in the same neighborhood as The Weeknd, particularly on “Add It Up” and “The City’s Song Pt. 2” – the latter of which might be one of the most beautiful renderings of rock-bottom desperation I’ve heard this year. I guess if Davis ever wanted to pack up Harrowgrove and move to Toronto, he’d totally fit up in The 6, but we’re lucky to have him in our backyard. Now if he’d just play live a little bit more!" - John Vettesse of WXPN: The Key