Hello. The new album is entitled DISCONNECT CONNECT LIMIT. I plan on releasing it in installments. The first installment will be the opening track of the album. I'm going to upload it next week. It will be on BANDCAMP and youtube. If you don't already follow me on bandcamp, make sure to now because I will be shifting the focus to that platform for this release. As an independent artist, it provides me with the most logical platform to share this music with the people who enjoy it and also allows your support to reach me in the most direct manner. I'm so excited for you to hear this new music that I've been working very hard on in silence. It'll all be worth it.


Hello. There's been a changing. This past year has been filled with waiting games & outsiders trying to dictate my path. Bartering deals with outlets & sponsors is not what I create for. It breaks my heart how much of a 'game' the gatekeepers make music out to be. I tried playing their game, but I've decided not to moving forward. I will move at my own pace without restriction. I have been working on new exciting things & have been held back from sharing with the people that care about my music due to seeking the "right" opportunities. The people who aren't with it, can tag along as I move forward, but there won't be anymore waiting on them. Thank you to all who have shared your time with me on this journey. It's only about us. We're the only ones I will focus on.

The STORE will be open this month. The classic Harrowgrove t-shirt will be the first available item.

The QUARANTINE video will be released later this week. There is a hidden message inside of it. If you can figure it out, the next steps will be apparent. 

In addition, I plan to release two NEW albums within the year & return to the stage.

I'll continue communicating through this blog along the way, as well as my twitter & INStagram pages. I have a greater appreciation for this long-form means though.